Bronze Code: 779
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 12.6 In
Weight: 14.3 LBs


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Paying homage to the majestic rhinoceros, Milo, a celebrated author with a flair for sculpting, offers an impressively detailed and anatomically accurate representation of this iconic creature. The heavy-set sculpture, weighing at a substantial 6.5 kg and stretching over 32 cm in length, is a grand testament to the rhinoceros' substantial size and commanding presence.

The sculpture intricately mirrors the fascinating anatomy of a rhinoceros, meticulously capturing the nuances of its hulking body and robust musculature. The art piece's detailed design and lifelike portrayal make it a collectible par excellence for art connoisseurs and animal lovers alike.

The sculpture, with its sheer craft and accuracy, spells the artist's masterful interpretation of nature, allowing onlookers to feel the raw power and beauty of the rhinoceros. Milo’s talent shines through his magnificent work, rendering this art piece both an ode to the animal world and an exquisite exhibit of the artist's unique artistic approach.