Bronze Code: 791
Height: 2.4 In


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Cherish and celebrate the New Year 2023 with a special gift that epitomizes the best of this festive season - a beautifully crafted bronze rabbit figurine. Remarkably symbolizing the year of the Rabbit, this figurine is not just a gift, it's an embodiment of hope, positivity, and fresh beginnings that New Year is all about.

The piece of artistry makes a remarkable collectible, ideal for personal keepsake or to gift your loved ones. As a decorative piece, the rich, lustrous finish of the bronze rabbit brings a luxurious yet charming allure to any living space.

The bronze rabbit represents the New Year 2023, as per the Chinese Zodiac cycle. The rabbit symbolizes elegance, peace, and brings good fortune. As a gift item, a bronze rabbit figurine signifies your heartfelt wishes for peace and prosperity in the coming year.

Masterfully crafted from the high-quality bronze, the charm and authenticity of the figurine come from the hands of a globally-renowned artist, whose contribution to the field of sculpture has been celebrated worldwide. His precise detailing and absolute dedication to excellence bring the very aspect of the rabbit to life.

Endow your loved ones with a gift that embodies the warmth and joy of New Year celebrations, or adorn your home with it to usher in the blessings and good fortune. Embrace the beauty of the New Year 2023 with this stunning bronze rabbit figurine.