Bronze Code: 705
Height: 7.7 In
Width: 11.8 In
Weight: 17.6 LBs


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Introducing our inspiring Panther Sculpture, meticulously designed on timeless white marble. This noble artifact weights a substantial 8kg, making it a definitive interior element. Elegantly carved, this majestic sculpture embodies a futuristically imaginative design that infuses our spaces with a statement of style.

The panther, a symbol of courage, strength, and leadership, is an amazing display of the artist's love for nature and extraordinary ability to capture its beauty. In this unique piece, the creator has introduced distinctively clean, regular lines and sharp edges to the form, infusing a touch of modern futurism to the conventional wildlife representation. The embodiment of the panther's raw power and sleek grace, combined with the futuristic design, is an enchanting fusion of the wild and the modern, sure to capture the interest and admiration of all who view it.

Crafted delicately from high-quality, ethereal white marble, this exotic sculpture carries an aesthetic allure that exudes elegance. Its vivid detail and beautiful marble make-up bring a bright decorative effect to any room. This cutting-edge design of a future-inspired panther would truly be a precious addition to your interior décor.

This chic marble panther statue is undeniably a conversation piece. Whether as a focal point in your living room or the center of attention in your office, the aesthetic charm of this statue will add a sophisticated touch to your interior space. Such an unconventional item, when placed in a prominent position, can become the crowning jewel of your home's decoration.