Bronze Code: 714
Height: 13.8 In
Width: 23.6 In
Weight: 50.9 LBs


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Proudly presenting an elegant and eye-catching large cabinet sculpture portraying a panther in action. This exquisite piece of art offers an impactful visual experience, a striking resemblance to a panther poised majestically in a jump. The sculpture, being over 23 kg in weight and spanning to about 60 cm in length, is a significant statement piece that is sure to captivate and stimulate intriguing conversations.

Meticulously crafted by an artist with an avant-garde approach, this artistic masterpiece dances beautifully on the lines of futurism. The artist has intentionally incorporated well-defined, even lines and edges to the character of the panther, giving it a structural depth and enhancing its modern appeal. These novel elements reflect the creator's masterful capability to create equilibrium between traditional inspirations and advanced interpretations.

Not only is this a deep artistic expression, but it also serves as an excellent decorative piece for your home decor. Exhibiting such a unique, stylish, interior work of art can truly breathe new life into your living spaces. The sculpture provides a bright decorative effect, promising to steal the spotlight and instantly uplift the aesthetics of your home or office.

This panther cabinet sculpture is not only a stunning visual piece but also an investment in thoughtful craftsmanship. As such a special item, it will truly become a decoration for your home, infusing it with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Don't miss out on the chance to own this unique artistic expression of the majestic panther in mid-jump, a real testament to the creator's prowess in expertly mixing traditional and futuristic elements.