Bronze Code: 678
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 13 In
Weight: 12.6 LBs


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Unveil the enchantment of the captivating world of wildlife through the lens of Emile Truffot's artistry with this outstanding bronze sculpture. This exquisite piece represents the pinnacle of excellence in animal sculpting, a genre which Truffot (1843-1896) was renowned for. A respected graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in France and a seasoned participant at the famous Paris Salon, Truffot brought his detailed eye and extraordinary artistry to bear in the creation of this intriguing piece in 1877. The winner of the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1867/8, the French animal sculptor was notable for his incomparable ability to replicate the enigmatic character of his animal subjects.

Themed around a compelling hunting narrative, this bronze statue presents an alluring depiction of a fox, caught in the act of claiming its pheasant prey. The fox, a notable emblem in Russian fauna, is immortalized here with impeccable accuracy. The piece vibrates with palpable tension, and Judging from its detailed construction, it's clear that Truffot has poured his soul into this work, meticulously recreating each curve and feature of the fox with precision. It's not just a beautiful decorative piece to add to your collection, but a snapshot of nature's cycle of life, encapsulated in bronze.

The piece is a testatement to Truffot's unrivaled skill in translating the dynamic mystery of the animal kingdom into palpable, tactile art. The sensation of imminent danger, the palpable tension, and the thrill of the chase is a captivating theme, which Truffot has managed to encompass in this magnificent sculpture. Its title, 'Un Braconnier' or 'The fox holding the pheasant,' speaks volumes about its narrative nature, making this particular piece incredibly alluring for any collector interested in both classical sculpture and wildlife lore.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this piece also serves as a bridge to a bygone era, embodying the legacy of the wildlife in pristine natural habitats. With this stunning art piece, you're not just getting an item, but a real storytelling artifact that weaves a compelling tale of the wild. As a fan of Russian fauna or an art history enthusiast, owning this masterpiece is a chance to possess a piece of history, while reveling in the enchanting beauty of Truffot’s genius.