Bronze Code: 685
Height: 3.1 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 0.6 LBs


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Crafted by the renowned Franz Bergmann factory, the 'Liter in a jug' brand showcases the exquisite art of Viennese bronze. The genre of Viennese bronze is celebrated for its special genre of sculptural miniatures - vibrant, hand-painted bronze figurines each brimming with intricate details and rich hues. These figurines breathe life into an array of scenes - enchanting vignettes of everyday life, captivating erotic narratives, and artistically rendered portrayals of animals.

Standing out in this collection of artisanal creations are the 'animals as people' format models. Composed of a variety of objects fastened together, these composite statuettes introduce a unique complexity and depth to the artistic rendition. While these models come at a higher price point their charm, personality, and extraordinary craftsmanship ensure that they are always in demand.

For those interested in hunting or wildlife, these statuettes are an ideal gift option. The expressive, humanlike representation of the animals brings a whimsical charm to these pieces that would appeal to both the aesthetic sensibilities and personal interests of a wildlife enthusiast or hunter. Whether for a special occasion or as a token of appreciation, these Viennese bronze statuettes from the Franz Bergmann factory offer an elegant solution to your gifting needs.