Bronze Code: 628
Height: 18.1 In
Width: 20.1 In
Weight: 14.6 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of European artistry with our high-quality, meticulously detailed interior sculpture. Crafted with great precision, this decor piece reflects the exceptional skills of esteemed European sculptors. This hand-painted gem is mounted on an exquisite red marble pedestal, adding an infusion of royal elegance to your interiors.

Each intricacy of this sculpture echoes the author's painstaking attention to detail. From the minutest feather to the bird's stately gaze, every element is sculpted and painted with unrivaled precision. Standing proud with a wingspan of half a meter and weighing at a substantial 6.6 kg, this statue promises to be a remarkable addition to your collection or an impressive focal point for your room decor.

This sculpture speaks volumes of the artist's dedication to their craft. Every inch of this artwork is a testimony to their commitment towards creating something truly unique and astonishing. The author has poured their heart and soul into creating a lifelike representation that hit a high mark in detailed artistry.

Meet its twin within our collection, a smaller version of this remarkable sculpture, yet equally detailed and beautiful. Offering a more affordable attribute, it allows art enthusiasts on a budget to indulge in a taste of brilliant European craftsmanship. The accompanying photo provides a comparison, showcasing how both pieces gloriously stand side by side.

Detailed, handcrafted, and rich with artistic flair, this magnificent artwork is a masterpiece in every sense. Step into our store and let this majestic bird spread its wings and take you on a visual journey through the skillful realm of European sculpture.