Bronze Code: 794
Height: 3 In
Weight: 0.3 LBs


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Embrace the extraordinary craftsmanship and rich culture of Russia with our meticulously designed and cast statuette. Each one of our finely crafted pieces is completely cast - not just on the exterior, but the interior as well, creating a robust, high-quality statuette that is heavy enough despite its compact size of 6x7.5cm. The craftsmanship extends to the majestic, characteristic bronzy shimmer of the statuette, a testament to the master artist's attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Our diverse collection features an assortment of insects, all of which are conveniently small for placement in your home or office. While all our statuettes are admirably small, some are slightly larger than others. Their size and value are directly proportional, meaning the more expensive statuettes are larger in size. However, irrespective of size, each piece exudes lavishness and intricacy, making them a valuable addition to any decorative collection.

Every one of our statuettes is a brilliant representation of the exceptional skill and superior quality that is 'Made in Russia'. Valuable as standalone pieces or together as a collection, our statuettes are an attractive choice for collectors, gift-givers, or those who appreciate the blend of artistry and nature. Indulge in the rich, cultural charm of Russian craftsmanship with our alluring bronze statuette collection.