Bronze Code: 638
Height: 19.3 In
Width: 7.5 In
Weight: 12.8 LBs


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Dive into the mesmerizing world of art with this intricately designed and thoughtfully composed large sculpture by the esteemed author, Nick. This substantial piece of Nick's work is a testament to his artistic prowess, capturing the subtle intricacies of his vision with near-ethereal precision. An assemblage of complex objects, artfully intertwined, breathes life into the static material, rendering an elegant, dynamic form.

The sculpture, standing tall at 49cm with a significant weight of almost 6kg, commands attention and admiration in any setting. Crafted with a keen eye for detail and an accomplished hand, Nick’s work explores the realm of abstract and surrealism, presenting a captivating narrative for the discerning observer to decipher.

Drawn from a depth of imagination and creativity, this piece brilliantly showcases the author's unique ability to shape and manipulate various elements into a cohesive and captivating whole. Its significant size and weight are indicative of the work's profound thematic content, symbolizing the artist's insistence on expansiveness and solidity in both form and idea. The sculpture proposes an immersive experience, allowing one to gradually discover the hidden intricacies within its complex weave of objects.

As the latest addition to his impressive portfolio, this large sculpture upholds the author's commitment to creating distinguished art pieces that provoke thought and stir emotions. Infused with Nick's signature style and polished aesthetics, this is a treasure worth featuring in the art collection of any sophisticated art enthusiast.