Bronze Code: 637
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 11 In
Weight: 9.3 LBs


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Unveil the epitome of intricate artistry with our extraordinary interior sculpture pièce de résistance, designed with the finest of details to stimulate inspiration and admiration. This novel work is indeed unique in its complexity, perfectly embodying the exceptional nature of its inception to structure.

As a distinct work of art, the exceptional sculpture intrigues at first glance where reed plants have been lovingly formed into a skillfully crafted background stage for the feature subjects, a pair of intriguing ducks. Survey the complexity of this piece, and you instantly become captivated by the numerous thin, long, detailed elements that build up the reed plants, resonating a deep appreciation for the attention to detail that has gone into creating such an extraordinary piece.

Nestling casually amongst the reeds, the ducks have been masterfully crafted with such life-like precision, one is almost stunned by the realism. The vivid details coupled with the large size of this interior sculpture makes it unforgettable, a conversation starter and a focal point of admiration. Displaying such dramatic detailing, it brings the wild outdoors into your space, perfectly bridging the divide between man and nature.

Whether you're a hunting enthusiast, or you know someone who is, this sculpture is an excellent gift option. Thoughtfully and artistically fashioned, it encapsulates the thrill and allure of the hunt while offering a well-deserved nod to the hunter's spirit of adventure. The uniqueness and complexity of this large interior sculpture make it without doubt, a worthy gift for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike.