Bronze Code: 753
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 4.2 LBs


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Exquisite in its craftsmanship, this remarkable work of art is the product of a master artist's painstaking effort and unwavering attention to detail. Sculpted from striking black marble, the figure is a perfect blend of robust substance and delicate intricacy, capturing the anatomy of the animal's body in incredible detail that leaves nothing to the imagination.

The unparalleled quality of the carving is immediately evident, with each individual physical attribute and subtle nuance of the creature thoughtfully portrayed. A perfect mix of realism and abstract artistry, this unique sculpture is as much an ode to the natural world as it is a testament to the artist's skill and imagination.

This breathtaking black marble animal sculpture speaks volumes about the artist’s mastery over his craft. Not dimensionless, it carries layers of depth, evoking a sense of awe at first glance. Its affordable pricing is an added bonus, making it a definitive collector's piece and an excellent investment.

Whether you are an art aficionado, a lover of nature, or someone who appreciates quality and craft, this outstanding creation is designed to inspire and delight. Invite this poignant symbol of nature's grandeur into your home or office space and let its compelling presence enhance your environment.