Bronze Code: 742
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 14.2 In
Weight: 24.5 LBs


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Introducing a magnificent sculpture by the talented artisan, Milo; the 'Deer Hunting' composition. This unique work of art perfectly encapsulates the vivid and pulsating thrill of hunting, offering a glimpse into the fierce, untamed world of nature.

This particular work by Milo portrays two dogs beautifully crafted in detail, engaged in the pursuit of an adult deer. The attention to detail is staggering and echoes not just the skill of Milo but his passions too. Elegantly designed, this riveting composition stands at 36cm tall, weighing 11kg. Its substantially large size delivers an impressive impact, making it an excellent centrepiece in any décor.

The sculpture is adorned with a green patina, a unique decorative effect that adds to its charm and character. The green patina also enhances its vintage appeal, intertwining the hunter's dynamic energy with the graceful aesthetic of the outdoors.

The 'Deer Hunting' composition is not just a sculpture; it is a testament to the sublime beauty of nature captured in a moment of intense action. It transcends the realm of the ordinary, making it an awe-inspiring addition to your furniture collection while also being a fitting gift for hunting enthusiasts.

Milo's work primarily features in the realms of the fine art school and gallery that bears his name, where he hones his talents alongside several notable European sculptors. He offers a unique, wide-ranging collection of sculptures crafted meticulously on their models.

Elevate your space with the artistic mastery of Milo and celebrate the timeless beauty of nature. This one-of-a-kind 'Deer Hunting' composition brings life, motion and excitement to any room.