Bronze Code: 754
Height: 17.3 In
Width: 13.8 In
Weight: 13.2 LBs


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Behold the magnificence of our Large Modern Art Author's Sculpture, a masterful creation that epitomizes the blend of ingenuity and artistry. Towering at 44cm and weighing 6kg, this hand-painted figurine is a sight to behold, both in size and splendor.

Each sculpture is adorned in a unique palette of vibrant colors, meticulously hand-painted by the artist. This intricate application process imbues each piece with a pronounced decorative effect that sets it apart from typical modern art pieces. Its radiant color scheme exudes a long-lasting charm that will continue to captivate, ensuring it never grows tiresome with time.

What truly amplifies the allure of this exceptional piece is the complex configuration of its horns. The carefully crafted contours add onto its impressive visage, making this work an attractive yet sophisticated piece to own.

Not merely limited to visual appeal, the Large Modern Art Author's Sculpture is also synonymous with exceptional quality and unrivaled style. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously created, resulting in a luxurious art piece that truly embodies the term 'artistic excellence'. An ideal choice for interior decoration, this sculpture enhances any space with its magnetic charm and modern abstract art appeal. Its admirable quality and elegance make it a must-have piece for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.