Bronze Code: 607
Height: 3.1 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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This masterpiece of sculptural miniature is the epitome of the classic Viennese Bronze style - a genre renowned for its exquisite hand-painted bronze figurines. Originating from the culturally-rich capital of Austria, Vienna, the renowned Franz Bergman factory inspires this intricately detailed model, embodying the meticulous craftsmanship the company is esteemed for.

Unlike mass-produced figurines, Viennese Bronze statues are characterized by their small size and extraordinary attention to detail, down to the smallest element. This unique genre testifies to the exceptional skill and patience of master craftsmen honing their craft to create the most intricate designs, and this model is no different.

In this particular Franz Bergman creation, a delightful genre scene is captured, humorously portraying animals. This comical representation is a signature trait of many Franz Bergman pieces, adding an endearing quality that sets these figurines apart from others. The bright and hand-painted bronze echoes a world of charm and whimsy typically associated with the Viennese bronze style.

An extraordinary work of art from the Franz Bergman factory, this Viennese Bronze figurine offers a blend of traditional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and humorous storytelling. It is not just a figurine; it is a charming encapsulation of Viennese Bronze, a genre that celebrates miniature art, quality, and lighthearted design. Indeed, it is a must-have piece for every discerning collector who values historic genres and unique humor and petit artistic mastery.