Bronze Code: 773
Height: 2 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 0.7 LBs


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Feast your eyes upon the exquisite craftsmanship of this statuette, proudly manufactured in Russia. This piece is a testament to exceptional Russian artistry, flawlessly carved in compact size while displaying a powerful presence. Unique in nature, our statuette is crafted not just from regular plastic but packed with bronze too.

To deliver a multi-dimensional appeal, the statuette is completely cast, even incorporating bronze within its structure. The resulting piece is one that boasts significant weight for its size, fueling its commanding aura. An appreciation for the creator's ingenious thought process is evoked in everyone who has the privilege to observe this masterpiece.

Developing its own distinctive allure, the statuette gleams with a unique shiny color. The glossy surface serves as a testament to the impeccable quality of the statuette, hinting at the meticulous attention to detail applied throughout the creation process.

The Russian origin of the statuette infuses it with a unique personality and story while underpinning its quality. This mesmeric item serves as an aesthetic celebration of Russian culture and lives up to the worldwide reputation of Russian manufactured goods for their unbeatable quality and enduring appeal.

Whether you're an impassioned art enthusiast or a dedicated collector, this small yet impactful Russian-statue manufactured with a blend of plastic and bronze, will certainly bring a luxurious touch to your surroundings. It ensures to spark conversation and draw eyes, thereby transforming the space it inhabits.