Bronze Code: 768
Height: 11 In
Width: 14.2 In
Weight: 26.5 LBs


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Unleash the power of financial symbolisms with this exemplary work from renowned craftsman, Milo; a marvelously designed, solid sculpture portrayal of the constant combat between bulls and bears in global financial markets. This large, 36cm sculpture, weighing 12 kg, is an elegant display of the gritty, yet sophisticated world of stock broking and global finance, making it the perfect gift for stockbrokers, financial analysts, or enthusiasts.

What makes this sculpture unique is its origin. This piece of art is a product of the esteemed School of Fine Arts, renowned for nurturing illustrious European sculptors. Milo, its creator, is a shining testament to the School's excellence, with his work resonating in the world of modern European sculpture.

The vivid details and muscular tenacity of the combatting bulls and bears display the ebb and flow of the stock market in a compelling, aesthetic fashion. The craftsman’s fine stroke brings these entities to life, encapsulating the highs and lows, the tension, the anticipation, and the competitive spirit that runs rampant in a stock broker's world.

All sculptures are carefully curated and sold at the distinguished gallery in Turin, synonymous with the School of Fine Art’s brand – Milo. Each piece in our collection, including this masterpiece, is cast faithfully to the original model bringing together art, tradition, and the financial world in a riveting blend to suit your space.

Enrich your décor or gift this emblem of financial power struggles and emerge a winner in any financial battle. An acquisition of such a precious Milo piece is not just an investment in art but a testament to a legacy that hosts the spirit of the global financial market.