Bronze Code: 650
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 15 In
Weight: 10.4 LBs


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Introducing our masterfully crafted, largest size 'Bear' sculpture. It is a sublime reflection of astute craftsmanship and artistic dedication, ideal for decorating your living spaces or offices. This intricate sculpture emphasizes the powerful and commanding presence of the bear, a symbol deeply rooted in Russian socio-political life.

Painstaking attention has been given to every strand of wool, capturing a strikingly realistic representation of a bear's skin and texture. The artist's careful observance in detailing individual villi brings a level of depth and refinement that is simply awe-inspiring. The grimacing, wrathful expression along with its seemingly clumsy, burly physique conjure dread and respect that only a predator of such magnitude can carry.

This larger-than-life bear sculpture has become synonymous with the emblem of various parties, companies, and organizations in Russia. It artistically portrays the contrasting views of the bear; on the one hand, a lovable, jovial beast that is believed to bring prosperity, good luck, and on the other, a symbol embodying the might, laziness, and exuding the potential wrath that overseas spectators often associate Russia with.

Our 'Bear' sculpture does not just serve as an exquisite piece of home décor, but also makes for a thoughtful gift. Ideal for hunters, members of the United Russia Party or any organization using the 'bear' logo, as well as stockbrokers or anyone participating in stock markets. Possessing this remarkable sculpture could bring an essence of robustness to their work or living spaces.