Bronze Code: 629
Height: 27.6 In
Width: 21.7 In
Weight: 43 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing, majestic gravity of one of nature's most esteemed creatures with our exquisite interior work of an Eagle, expertly crafted by renowned European masters. This awe-inspiring eagle sculpture captures the majestic bird in all its power, poise, and nobility, making it an undeniable centerpiece for any room. Hand-painted to perfection, every single element of this bird sculpture has been meticulously detailed, reflecting the dedicated craftsmanship and superior attention to detail shown by the artist.

The eagle, with its grandeur and magnificence, bears a resemblance to the king of the beasts, the lion. Praised for its strength, the eagle is a symbol of resilience and supremacy. This ethos resonates powerfully in our handcrafted Eagle sculpture, a perfectly symbolic piece of art that speaks volumes of your refined taste and appreciation for fine artistic craftsmanship.

The eagle sculpture is delicately mounted on top-notch marble, magnifying its regality and sturdiness. The marble lends a timeless appeal, symbolizing the inimitable strength of the formidable bird. This impressive piece measures 70cm in height and weighs 19.5 kilograms, making it a remarkable centerpiece that radiates premium elegance.

The mastery used in artistically capturing the eagle's grace and strength in our sculptural piece adds an unmistakable touch of majesty and grandeur to your living space. Get ready to make a monumental statement with our European master-crafted eagle sculpture, as it fills your home with an aura of fine artistry and sophistication.