Bronze Code: 974
Height: 3.9 In
Width: 2.8 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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Delve into the exquisite world of Viennese Bronze with this unique creation from the Franz Bergmann factory. Having gained a reputation of being one of the most sought-after creators of this art form, a product bearing their brand, 'Liter' in a jug, signifies its unquestionable quality and craftsmanship. Add to this the rarity and you have an item that is not just a piece of art but a valuable collectible as well.

Viennese bronze is a special genre that speaks volumes about the artistic prowess of its creators. This genre delightfully brings to life bright bronze figurines that are diligently hand-painted, thereby augmenting their charm and allure. Attributed to such distinguished genre, this Franz Bergmann piece uncovers everyday scenes, subtly hinting towards the erotic and celebrating the beauty of nature through its depiction of animals embedded within the design.

One of the most striking elements about this Franz Bergmann creation is undeniably the design of a miniature dachshund as the hunter. Standing proud at 10 centimeters, this depiction meant as a nod to mankind's best friend is extraordinary mainly due to its intricacies. Unlike the conventional Viennese bronzes, this dachshund surpasses the height of a matchbox. Every minute detail, including the painstaking detailing on the fur of the animal, is meticulously crafted to enhance realism and make it a marvel worth owning.

In conclusion, such a well-executed piece of art that brings together the richness of Viennese design sensibilities, the excellence of Franz Bergmann, and the affable representation of a unique 'animal as people' format is indeed a rare find. It doubles as an ideal gifting solution for art connoisseurs and hunters alike. Make this a part of your collection or gift it to someone and help keep the art and brilliance of Viennese Bronze alive and appreciated.