Bronze Code: 975
Height: 14.2 In
Width: 7.5 In
Weight: 9.3 LBs


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Imbued with the spirit of artistic emancipation of the 1920s, this remarkable Viennese bronze figurine stands as a testament to the unrivaled skills of Austrian sculptor Bruno Zach (1891-1935). Standing at a commanding height of 36cm and weighing in at 4.2kg, this bronze statuette captures the beauty and audacity that marked Zach's unique approach to art.

In this playful piece, Zach pays tribute to the end of the XIX century Austrian tradition of the erotic 'naked' genre. The figurine depicts a lissome dancer, the dainty upward tilt of her skirt revealing an alluring figure caught in the throes of a mesmerizing dance. The eye-catching detail borne from Zach's diligent attention fuels the mystique and intrigue within this Viennese bronze.

What truly sets the work apart is Zach's daring infusion of his art with facets of a ladies' negligee. This bold touch stirred shockwaves within the art community, marking Zach as a maverick who dared to challenge the confines of the artistic expression of his time. These 'cabinet' sculptures are noted for their sensuality, scoring them a special place in European art history.

The original model of this sculpture inspired not only Vienna's F. Bergman's factory but also sparked admiration and imitation in Berlin. This fact speaks to Bruno Zach's expansive influence, one that transcended borders and redefined the concept and composition of Viennese bronze. This timeless piece offers a captivating entryway into the echoes of the 1920s Austrian art scene.