Bronze Code: 540
Height: 10.4 In
Width: 10.2 In
Weight: 13.7 LBs


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E.L.Barrias sculpture of Dionysus is a magnificent representation of one of the most influential deities of Greek culture. Earnestly imbibing the essence of Dionysus, the god of the fertile earth, viticulture, and wine-making, Barrias brings to life this historical figure with exquisite detail and undeniably captivating charm. Dionysus, known for his jesting nature and the joyous atmosphere he creates, is depicted as a charming young man, a persona that reflects on the jovial Greek Wine harvest festivals, aptly named Dionysias.

LLui Ernest Barrias, an acclaimed French sculptor, is renowned for his inspirational artwork that portrays an aesthetic fusion of lightness and harmony. Graduating from the esteemed Paris School of Fine Arts, Barrias' unique talent for sculpture was honed under the tutelage of noteworthy masters like Geoffroy, Konye, and Cavalier. Italian antiquity and the serene music frozen in marble had a significant influence on his artistic creations when he moved to Italy in 1865. This influence is prominently reflected in his captivating works, including his stunning sculpture of Dionysus.

Barrias' masterpieces are highly sought after in world auctions and proudly displayed in major museums. In addition, fervent art collectors across the globe value these works and feature them prominently in private collections. Encompassing a unique blend of history, culture, and exceptional artistry, the Dionysus sculpture by E.L.Barrias serves as an exquisite testament to the blend of Greek culture and fine European craftsmanship. Each intricate detail showcased in the sculpture narrates a tale of the artist's reverence for the subject and his deep understanding of classical aesthetics, making it an excellent addition to any art collection.