Bronze Code: 881
Height: 20.1 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 12.6 LBs


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Uncover the world of immortalised beauty with Cesaro's author series featuring stunning sculptures of naked girls with model-like appearances. Exquisitely crafted to adorn your interiors, these remarkable works of art succeed in embodying the essence of femininity that drips elegance and allure. Rendered meticulously in two arresting hues of green and brown, each piece invites viewers to revel in the intricate details of the beautiful anatomies they feature.

Cesaro, a seasoned artist and sculptor, ensures a high level of finesse and artistic brilliance in all his works. With each sculpture capturing the perfect beauty of the female form, Cesaro’s attention to detail is second to none. The intricate design showcases the dainty fingers, beautifully proportioned toes, and the tantalizing facial features, all of which contribute to the overall charisma of the figurines.

Cesaro's sculptures bear the audacious gaze of a beautiful woman, conveying the characteristic, slightly arrogant look filled with intensity and grace. With an impressive height of 51 cm, each figurine makes a significant statement within any space it adorns. The elegance and sophistication of these sculptures not only boost aesthetic standards but also effortlessly command an onlooker's attention and appreciate for art.

Whether you're aiming to enrich your own interior environment or in search of a distinguished gift for art enthusiasts, Cesaro's large female sculptures are a perfect blend of artistic merit and aesthetic pleasure. Captivating and compelling, these sculptures truly celebrate the womanhood and are indeed a splendid reflection of Cesaro’s artistry.