Bronze Code: 869
Height: 22.8 In
Width: 20.1 In
Weight: 17.4 LBs


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The stunning, European-crafted, high-quality sculpture pays tribute to the beauty and grace of a gymnast's body. Created with immense intricacy and care, this dynamic interior masterpiece is sure to transform and enhance any spacious room. Its significant size of 58x51cm and weight – almost 8kg – truly attests to its durable and premium nature.

Every detail is painstakingly captured from each curve to the bulges, reflecting not just the physicality of a gymnast but also the sheer dedication and discipline it requires, presenting an aesthetic celebration of athleticism, strength and beauty. In particular, the brilliantly carved face of the girl adds an exquisitely human touch to the piece, the feminine allure is genuinely showcased with exceptional finesse.

The colouring provides a vibrant, decoratively striking impact, accentuating the work's basis in realism even as it complements your space’s existing décor. The radiant allure of the sculpture is the ideal counterpoint to the unique physicality displayed by the figure, seamlessly blending natural beauty with the grace of gymnastics.

Behind this masterpiece is a renowned European sculptor whose experience and artistic vision shine through, making every piece a noteworthy addition to any art collection, or simply as a stand-alone conversation starter in any spacious room.