Bronze Code: 844
Height: 37 In
Width: 11.8 In
Weight: 58.2 LBs


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Experience the mesmerizing beauty and powerful aura of the 'Goddess of Art', a masterpiece from renowned author and sculptor, Cesaro. Measuring over 90cm in height and weighing a substantial 26.4kg, this pure bronze sculpture is a sight to behold. Its majestic size and intricate details make the 'Goddess of Art' the perfect centrepiece for expansively styled living rooms, large hallways, offices, or art galleries.

The sculpture comes adorned with a unique green patina, adding a touch of antiquity and a special allure to the bronze figure. This deliberate ageing process not only enhances its visual appeal but also further accentuates the richness and depth of the sculpture. The 'Goddess of Art', cloaked in this distinctive patina, adds a rich, timeless yet contemporary elegance to any setting it graces.

Taking inspiration from ancient Greek mythology, Cesaro has beautifully embodied the goddess in traditional Greek robes, holding the legendary symbol of poetry, the lyre. Interpreted by ancient Greeks as the instrument of Apollo and the Muses, the lyre epitomizes the ability to mollify and delight the most formidable gods. This elegy echoes the origin of the 'lyrical' form of art, a tribute to the ancient form of poetry recited with the melody of the lyre.

The 'Goddess of Art' is a symbolic representation of Cesaro’s remarkable talent for bringing mythology to life. His work often recounts the enchanting tales from Greek mythology, painted with such accuracy and depth that one can easily get lost in the grandeur of his creations. The 'Goddess of Art' thus stands as a testament to Cesaro's intricate craftsmanship and his keen understanding of the age-old arts.

Take home this magnificent piece of art and let the 'Goddess of Art' fill your spaces with the timeless allure of ancient Greece.