Bronze Code: 864
Height: 29.1 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 32.6 LBs


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Discover the enchanting beauty of the replicas of the Grand Opera sculptures, designed by none other than the renowned French sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse. Known for his romantic and extravagant depiction of figures, Carrier-Belleuse was a proud recipient of numerous awards and medals throughout his illustrious career. His works were not only admired by critics and enthusiasts, but also by the French government, resulting in prestigious commissions for the beautification of Paris. Among these commissions, his most notable work was undoubtedly the Grand Opera building, one of the world’s leading opera and ballet theaters. Located in heart of Paris, this architectural marvel features a grand staircase, lavishly decorated with Carrier-Belleuse's mesmerizing sculptures that shine a light on his quintessential aesthetic.

These distinctive talismanic replicas of the Grand Opera’s sculptures are guaranteed to elevate the allure of your home decor. Each stand-alone piece measures up to 74cm in height and weighs almost 15kg, ensuring a striking presence in any setting. Hand-coated with an elegant green patina, the sculptures possess a unique charm that romanticizes every intricate detail, encapsulating Carrier-Belleuse's affinity for luxurious designs devoid of real life but abundant in fantastical beauty.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a seasoned collector, this piece of aesthetics is a rare find. The exemplification of radiating elegance, the Carrier-Belleuse replica exudes a sense of sophistication and romanticism that is nearly impossible to resist. So, invite the enduring beauty of the Grand Opera into your home and experience the essence of Parisian elegance right at your fingertips. The sculptures are paired, but sold individually, offering maximum flexibility for your interior design aspirations.