Bronze Code: 843
Height: 37.8 In
Width: 19.3 In
Weight: 55.8 LBs


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Presenting a stunning exhibition of craftsmanship, this bronze replica of the renowned 'Little Fourteen-year-old Dancer' sculpture created by Edgar Degas dramatically synthesizes aesthetic captivation and intense historical significance. Towering at a size of 96cm and weighing a hefty 25.3 kg, this awe-inspiring replica closely emulates the original that is displayed at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

The eminent figure Edgar Degas (1834-1917) graces the echelons of the French art world as a painter, graphic artist, and sculptor. In the late 1860s, Degas ventured to create intricate wax sculptures — perceived as sketch replacements, these wax sculptures, including 'The fourteen—year-old dancer', were a profound confession of Degas's infatuation with ballet themes and forms.

Instigated in 1879 and completed two years later, 'The Little fourteen—year-old Dancer' is celebrated as one of modern art's most lifelike assertions. The model for this sculpture was Marie van Getem, a middle-class girl born to a tailor father and a laundress mother. Degas illustrates her in the ballet's fourth position, portraying the vivid, unadulterated essence of youth and ballet.

Throughout his life, Degas kept the original 'fourteen-year-old dancer' in his studio, refusing repeated suggestions to produce bronze casts over concerns related to the material's permanence. The wax sculpture was Degas' unfolding creative narrative, manifesting his masterful skills and unwavering dedication to the arts.

According to Sotheby's auction house in London, in 2009, a bronze sculpture of Edgar Degas's 'Little Fourteen-year-old Dancer' was sold for 13.3 million pounds, setting a sales record for French Impressionist art. This bronze replica presents the opportunity to indulge in the shared legacy of this historic artifact and the mastermind behind it — Degas Edgar.