Bronze Code: 826
Height: 18.5 In
Width: 17.3 In
Weight: 30.6 LBs


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Immerse yourself into the age of grandeur and valour with this meticulously designed large-scale sculpture by the renowned Italian sculptor Carlo Marochetti. Born in Turin, Italy in 1805, Marochetti showcased his talent on the international stage by exhibiting at the Salon in 1827 and 1831. His vast portfolio ranges from historical equestrian sculptures to royal portraits, earning him the distinction of being a favoured sculptor in Her Majesty's Royal court. This 47 cm high, nearly 14 kg heavy sculpture is a remarkable reproduction of the monument erected in the heart of Turin, infusing your space with a sense of historical grandeur.

The sculpture pays tribute to one of the most influential figures in Italian history - Emmanuel Philibert, the Duke of Savoy. Philibert is celebrated for his military prowess, his role in the war between France and Spain, earning him a commanding role in the Spanish army and subsequently, command of the Dutch army. He's regarded a hero for his decisive victory at Saint Quentin, which was instrumental in bringing peace to the land. The peace treaty reinstated Philibert's possessions, and despite the devastation, his leadership restored prosperity, transforming Turin into the flourishing capital of Savoy once again.

Having intricately recreated the equestrian statue of Emmanuel Philibert, Marochetti's sculpture serves as a testament to Philibert's resilience, leadership, and his role in rejuvenating Turin. Marochetti’s work mirrors the essence of his most famous pieces such as "Richard the Lionheart" and the original Emmanuel Philibert statue in Piazza San Carlo in Turin. Add this timeless representation of the Duke of Savoy to your collection and experience a piece of Italy's rich history encapsulated in an exquisite form.