Bronze Code: 858
Height: 15.7 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 14.1 LBs


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Experience a unique blend of realism and grace, presented in an exquisite large sculpture (40cm in height; 6.4 kg) depicting a poultry house, by celebrated French sculptor, Auguste Moreau. Born in Dijon in 1855, Moreau studied with renowned sculptors like Aime Millet, Augustine Drumont, Jean Thomas, and at the prestigious School of Fine Arts in Paris. This inspiring background is palpably reflected in his art.

This exclusive sculpture radiates rustic charm, with the image of a young peasant woman painted in vivid rural strokes. The piece captures the authentic rural life setting aesthetics, emanating a special rustic lightness that pervades the entire viewing space. Moreau's knack for masterful realism is captured in the intricate detailing of the girl's clothing, making it a captivating testament to the artist's eye for the minutest of details.

Moreau's style was fiercely realistic yet incredibly graceful, showcasing the delicate balance between art and reality. The sculpture is embodied with the Art Nouveau style, a signature of Moreau's iconic art pieces. Several of his sculptural masterpieces find pride of place in the Museum of Fine Arts in Trois-Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, a substantiation of his acclaimed artistry.

Radiating an aura of rustic charm and authenticity, this finely crafted work will unambiguously be the cynosure of all eyes in any setting. Embark on an enriching artistic journey into rural French life with this stunning sculptural representation of a young peasant woman by Auguste Moreau.