Bronze Code: 440
Height: 9.3 In
Width: 4.9 In
Weight: 5.8 LBs


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Immortalize the iconic and charismatic figure of Vladimir Vysotsky, an artist who touched the hearts of many, directly to your living room or workspace. This meticulously crafted, author's sculptured statuette is the ultimate tribute to his undeniable talent, depth, and captivating persona. The perfect addition for any Russian literature or music enthusiast looking to add a touch of history and soul to their collection.

This sculpture echoes the potent imagery of Vysotsky - a figure like no other. The artist masterfully encapsulates his characteristic brutal look, that closely resonates with the memories of him. Utmost attention has been compensated to the minute details, reflecting an admirable overview of the talent of the creator. The rugged texturing, fascinating contours, subtle detailing, and palpable intensity mirror the poet's legacy in the annals of Russian culture.

The statuette is substantially scaled featuring a height of almost 24cm and weight of 2.6 kg, ensuring an impressive and robust presence. The accuracy of proportions and the artist's eye for detail bestowed on this memorabilia portrays an arresting lifelike quality that will enhance any decor style. This isn't just a sculpture; it's a three-dimensional epic poem, narrating Vysotsky's influential journey and charisma, that altogether offers a mesmerizing visual treat.

The flawless representation of Vysotsky locks your attention, making it an ideal gift for art collectors, poetry lovers or for those who appreciate the essence of Russian culture. Revel in the essence of Vladimir Vysotsky with this exquisite author's sculptured statuette – a poignant reminder of his enduring impact and charm!