Bronze Code: 323
Height: 5.1 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 1.9 LBs


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This meticulously crafted, heavyweight bust celebrates the significant achievements of Air Marshal Alexander Pokryshkin, a recognized ace pilot and military commander. Pay homage to a historic figure who, as the first person ever, was honoured with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union thrice. A gallant figure at the helm of 160 air battles against the Nazis, Pokryshkin is reputed to have personally obliterated 59 enemy aircraft and a further 6 in a joint battle. Created with an incredible attention to detail, this bust is a powerful symbol of valor and might.

Our Pokryshkin bust stands out due to its sizeable dimensions and robust weight. It is not just an art object, but also a tangible link to the war memories that shaped an era. Those interested in military history or in search of a unique commemorative piece will value this solid, high-quality bust. Hold history in your hands, feeling the weight of steel-cut bravery and matchless leadership, personified in Alexander Pokryshkin.

Every detail of this work of art has been sharply etched, reflecting the painstaking efforts of the designer in bringing this historical figure to life. Though the identity of the maker is not provided, the excellent quality of the bust speaks volumes on the person responsible for this creation. The distinguished facial features of the Air Marshal, his stern gaze, and crisp uniform create an arresting portrait, making it an ideal decorative piece for a study, office, or any space. In addition, it's also perfect for gifts, collections, and history buffs looking to add a remarkable relic of WWII history to their assortments.