Bronze Code: 328
Height: 6.1 In
Width: 3 In
Weight: 2.1 LBs


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Presenting the exclusive and historic LHF-Literary Art Fund of the USSR statuette, a unique remnant of Soviet times that mirrors the tradition and cultural nuances of that era. This figurine, a representation of the quintessential Soviet woman with her kerchief and imposing figure, symbolizes the vibrant culture and history of the Soviet Union.

Boasting a superior quality of execution, the LHF-Literary Art Fund of the USSR statuette stands slightly larger and heavier than its counterparts. What sets it apart is not just its size but also the substantial attention given to its detail processing, making this bronze bust a standout piece.

The image of the Soviet woman, enshrined in this figurine, remains one of the most recognizable symbols of Soviet times. Its replication on posters was widespread, seen across various settings such as factories, enterprises, hospitals, and pioneer camps, making constant its presence in the everyday Soviet life. Nonetheless, few are aware that this familiar image was immortalized in the form of a bronze bust.

Whether you are a serious collector of Soviet-era artifacts, a historian with a keen interest in the iconography of the period, or simply a lover of unique art pieces, this LHF-Literary Art Fund of the USSR statuette is an exceptional item to possess. The symbol it carries, paired with the masterful execution of its design, makes it not just an art object, but also a slice of history encapsulated in bronze.