Bronze Code: 454
Height: 10.4 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 3.7 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing nobility and spirit of Russian history with our miniature copy of the Stolypin monument, situated in Free Russia Square, next to the Government House of the Russian Federation in Moscow. This remarkable piece was launched to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of the illustrious Russian reformer, Stolypin. Expertly crafted, the statue showcases Stolypin proudly standing, graced by a decoratively made sword and a chest bedecked with orders, accurately mirroring the original monument's splendor.

Every detail in this miniature monument holds significance. Stolypin's right hand, pressing against the body in the sculpture, is a perfect reflection of his real-life physical condition, following a nerve damage he incurred during a duel with Prince Ivan Shakhovsky. The slight impairment in movement of his right hand post the injury is depicted quite skillfully.

The creation bears the signature of 'Razhviz', serving as a testament to its purity and authenticity. This mini-replica of the historical Stolypin monument was intricately designed and crafted within the revered walls of Russia’s Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture by Ilya Glazunov. Every piece thus symbolizes not merely the towering presence of Stolypin in Russian history but also the unwavering commitment of its makers to artistic and symbolic accuracy.

Proudly showcase this piece as a mark of your admiration for Russian history and as an expression of aesthetic sensibility. A true collector’s item that brings a slice of Russian cultural heritage to your living room or office space, it is not just a product but a conversation piece, a work of art and a symbol of honoring those who have left a mark on society.