Bronze Code: 467
Height: 4.3 In
Width: 3.7 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the inspiring, illustrious history of Mother Russia with our meticulously crafted small bust of Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich Pozharsky, offered at a remarkably competitive price. This high-quality bust is a fitting tribute to the Russian national hero, a beacon of faith, honor, and duty, and a poignant reminder of a pivotal era in the Russian saga.

Born in 1578, Dmitry Mikhailovich Pozharsky will always be remembered for his role as the head of the Second National Militia. This noble act steered Moscow away from the grip of Polish-Lithuanian invaders, and in the process, cementing his place in Russia's rich tapestry of heroes. This admirable leader and statesman held his Homeland in the highest regard, undertaking every possible measure to shield it from foreign domination.

A labor of love and craftsmanship, this miniature, yet exquisitely detailed bust is a testament to Prince Pozharsky's heroism, encouraging you to reflect on the sacrifices, victories, and the indomitable spirit of the Russian people. Each bust is an expression of respect and admiration for this iconic figure and an excellent addition to any historical art collection or home decor scheme. It serves as a visual representation of the pride, resilience, and patriotic spirit of Russia.

Whether a passionate collector of historical art pieces or an avid history enthusiast wishing to commemorate the remarkable life of Prince Pozharsky, this bust makes a wonderful addition to your collection. The uniqueness, elegant design, and superior quality at an attractive price provide excellent value for every lover of Russian history.