Bronze Code: 317
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 3 In
Weight: 1.9 LBs


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Celebrate Russia's historic naval prowess with our exquisite quality bust of Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov, displayed grandly on a stone stand. This finely detailed sculpture pays homage to one of Russia's most revered naval commanders, reflecting his status and accomplishments in every nuance.

Admiral Fyodor Ushakov (1744-1817) was an extraordinary figure in the history of Russian military power. Serving as the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, he significantly contributed to the elevation of the Russian navy's reputation during his tenure. His robust leadership, strategic acumen, and courage have left an indelible mark on naval tactics and command theory, earning him recognition as a righteous warrior by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Under the patronage of prominent figures like G. Potemkin and A. Suvorov, during a crucial period in Russian history, Ushakov set a new standard for naval warfare, raising the Russian navy's prestige to unprecedented heights. His image, along with that of Admiral Nakhimov, the hero of the defense of Sevastopol, was glorified during the Soviet era as a symbol of the glory and victorious traditions of the Russian navy.

Our Ushakov bust captures the essence of this historic figure, with meticulous attention to the smallest detail, reflecting our commitment to accuracy and quality. Set on a solid stone stand, it makes a dignifying statement in any display, whether in your personal study or a museum collection.