Bronze Code: 256
Height: 12.2 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 5.8 LBs


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This pre-war model of a Joseph Stalin Bronze Bust seamlessly marries seasoned artistry with high-quality materials. Stylized as an antique, it is a timeless reminder of a character who left an indelible mark on human history. The exceptional quality of both the bronze itself and the craftsmanship is apparent as this figurine stands to represent one of the largest figures in world history, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

Stalin’s life and state activities deeply influenced not only the fate of the Soviet people but also that of mankind. This bronze bust thus offers a tangible piece of history, enabling the bearer to appreciate the essence of this historical figure through a well-crafted depiction.

The quality of execution, apparent in every detail, reflects the professional touch of a master craftsman----without a reference to a specific year, this pre-war model preserves a singularly significant aspect of the past. The unique artistry, combined with a well-researched representation, ensures the accuracy of the modeled figurine, which only elevates the antique aesthetic of this ornament.

As a piece of history, the Joseph Stalin Bronze Bust is more than just a showpiece; it is a visual narration of Stalin’s dynamic expressions, echoing his influence over a distinctive era. The blend of excellent material, outstanding execution, and the significance of the subject all contribute to this figurine being more than an art piece and part of a larger historical narrative.