Bronze Code: 473
Height: 7.7 In
Width: 2.6 In
Weight: 2 LBs


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Discover our exceptional statuette of Sergei Radonezhsky, an outstanding example of skilled Russian craftsmanship. This item is impeccably sculpted in high-quality bronze, giving it an impressive weight and strength for its size. We take pride in delivering a piece that is not just a statuette, but a work of art.

Sergei Radonezhsky, renowned as the spiritual father of the Russian land, is represented in every detail of this statuette. It portrays his revered likeness with an utmost attention to even the minutest elements, particularly in the intricate detailing of his attire and facial expression.

This exquisite statuette is a testament to its creator’s mastery and dedication. Our craftsmen, true to their Russian heritage, do not compromise on the quality and thickness of the bronze used, thereby producing a statue that embodies the vigor and resilience of the monastic leader it represents.

This item not only serves as a magnificent addition to your collection, but also brings a piece of Russian history and spirituality into your home. Appreciate the remarkable blend of detail, quality, and historical faithfulness in this unparallel depiction of Sergei Radonezhsky.

Indulge in the sheer elegance of this artifact, and let it serve as a symbol of faith, tradition, and skilled artistry. Pay tribute to the remarkable life and teachings of Sergei Radonezhsky with this exquisite bronze statuette. It is more than just a decorative item; it is a piece of art that tells a story and inspires reverence.