Bronze Code: 343
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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Introducing the budget-friendly version of Felix Chopin's famed Russian Tsars series, Model 1868. Hailed as the 'bronze magician', Felix Chopin (1813-1892), a remarkable French-Russian foundry worker, holds a distinguished place in the history of bronze artistry. An official supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty, Chopin's works combines sophistication with raw talent that narrates historical tales like none other.

His uncanny fascination with Russian rulers led Chopin to develop an extraordinary collection of marble busts. This creative journey began in 1840 when he encountered the works of A. Penna, an Italian sculptor. Although Penna's busts of Russian Tsars and princes lacked genuine resemblance, they were the source of Chopin's inspiration. Committed to refining these imperfect representations, Chopin turned to create his version of the Russian royals' collection.

In 1849, Chopin presented 63 full-sized busts of Russian leaders at an exhibition, each echoing his signature touch of realism and intricate detailing. However, his true triumph came fifteen years later when he launched smaller, cabinet-sized versions of these royal busts at an international exhibition in Paris. These scaled-down representations not only required extraordinary craftsmanship but also catered well to the public demand by being more affordable and display-friendly. The 1868 model belongs to this extraordinary line of well-loved creations.

This series–the stunning epitome of authentic Russian History blended with majestic artistry–has immortalized Felix Chopin in the annals of elite sculpture art. Secure a piece from Chopin's expansive portfolio today and bring the rich Russian heritage to your living rooms or offices at an attractive price.