Bronze Code: 316
Height: 5.3 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 2 LBs


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Make a bold tribute to your military memorabilia collection with this high-end, lifelike Marinesco's Bust. Standing at an impressive size, this large, resilient figurine proudly features Alexander Marinesko, the distinguished Soviet submariner and noted tormentor of Adolf Hitler.

From 1941-1945, Marinesko upheld a unrelenting offensive at sea, commandeering six daring combat trips that resulted in significant losses for the enemy. His formidable tactics led to the sinking of two formidable enemy vessels, totaling 40,144 BRT. He also contrived severe damage to a third one. He remains the undisputed leader in terms of total tonnage of enemy ships destroyed amongst all Soviet submariners.

Marinesko's most salient achievement took place on January 30, 1945, whilst commanding the submarine S-13. Under his leadership, the naval barracks of Wilhelm Gustloff was sunken, resulting in a staggering loss between 3,700 and 9,300 lives. It's a feat still recalled in military history and this bust serves as a lasting tribute to Alexander Marinesko's audacious maritime leadership.

Excellent quality is etched into every minute detail of this heavyweight bust, from the intricate detailing in Marinesko’s countenance, to the uniform insignia and robust build of the figurine itself. This bust would serve as a compelling centerpiece to any military memorabilia collection and an eye-catching talking point for visitors.