Bronze Code: 416
Height: 6.5 In
Width: 11 In
Weight: 10.1 LBs


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Featuring the perfect blend of artistic mastery and historic significance, our Young Mao Zedong Bust is a lovable masterpiece that has captured the hearts of countless enthusiasts across China. This unique piece emerges from the flood of generic sculptures that mostly capture him at his prime or in his later years, thereby offering a refreshing novelty in the market.

The creative depiction of an adolescent Mao Zedong, the iconic architect of the Chinese Revolution and the founding father of the People's Republic of China, adds a rare touch to this sculpture. Every detail on the model has been carefully crafted, embodying the relentless spirit and bold aspirations of the young revolutionary.

Despite its significant heft (4.6kg), this large bust model is designed to be an impressive centerpiece while still being easily portable. The high-quality materials and the meticulous craft of the product attribute to its substantial weight, signaling exceptional durability and long-lasting appeal of this sculpture.

Available at an unbeatable price, this sculpture offers a priceless glimpse into the early life of one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. It makes a great addition to any collection, or as a distinctive gift for history buffs and art lovers. Invest in this unique depiction of Young Mao Zedong and get a charming piece of history to display in your home.