Bronze Code: 262
Height: 3.7 In
Width: 2.2 In
Weight: 0.6 LBs


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Discover the exquisite detailing of the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin bust replica, a reflection of history meticulously crafted in a pocket-friendly size yet high-quality version. Proudly presenting an intricately designed, small-sized recreation of the 1955 original, this bust captures the essence of Lenin’s powerful persona and his commanding influence globally.

As a groundbreaking figure and revolutionary par excellence, Lenin revolutionized world history with his ideologies and actions. Being the brain behind the creation of the Bolshevik Party and the instrumental leader in spearheading the October Revolution of 1917, his contributions remain influential even today. This beautifully modeled bust brings alive the charisma of this transformative figure, serving as a constant inspiration in your home or office.

The unerring resemblance to the original 1955 bust turns this diminutive piece into a big conversation starter. Whether you're a keen collector of historical mementos, a student of politics, or an admirer of craft, the impeccable recreation of this Lenin bust would mark a unique addition to your collection. Commemorate Lenin's lasting legacy with this meticulously realized replica.

While the creator of this figurine replica remains anonymous, the craftsmanship mirrors the original piece's brilliance. This ensures a high level of authenticity, further enhancing the piece's value. The small but mighty bust of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, with its rich history and equally rich representation, is much more than an art piece; it's a fragment of world history that you can own and treasure.