Bronze Code: 460
Height: 5.3 In
Width: 4.1 In
Weight: 1.8 LBs


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Introducing our meticulously crafted Kurchatov's bust - an ode to one of the pillars of Soviet and Russian physics, Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov. Fabricated with fine detailing and top-notch quality, this sculpture commemorates the remarkable life and contributions of the 'father' of the Soviet atomic bomb. Bold and substantial, this heavyweight artifact reflects the monumental achievements of this titan in the field of nuclear physics.

Born in 1903, Kurchatov was a seminal figure in the Soviet Union, honored thrice as the Hero of Socialist Labor. An erudite academician, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and Professor, Kurchatov's contributions to the world of science are incomparable. Our bust captures not only his visage but also his indomitable spirit embodied in his groundbreaking scientific research.

Famously known as the founder and the first director of the Atomic Energy Institute, Kurchatov lead the scientific team responsible for solving the atomic problem in the USSR. He was instrumental in harnessing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes - a legacy that resonates in the contemporary world. Our Kurchatov's bust is a symbol of admiration for this great scientist and his vision.

This exemplary bust is a tribute to a man who won the Lenin Prize and four Stalin Prizes, marking crucial breakthroughs in Soviet atomic research. Kurchatov's bust serves as a perfect collector's item and adds a touch of science and history to your home or office. Display the legacy of one of Russia's most esteemed physicists and honor the life of a man who changed the trajectory of nuclear energy.