Bronze Code: 372
Height: 9.1 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 3.2 LBs


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F. Chopin's Remarkable Replica of Tsar John V's Bust (Model 1867)

F. Chopin's masterful creation, a model 1867 bust of Russian Tsar John V, is a remarkable piece of historical significance, crafted by an extraordinary artist. This rare piece was lovingly crafted by french and Russian caster, Felix Chopin, a supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty. Noted in history as the 'bronze magician,' Chopin's distinguished reputation stands as testament to his unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic prowess. This museum-quality reproductions of classic Russian rulers set the gold standard for aesthetic and historical accuracy.

F. Chopin's bust of the Russian Tsar John V, who reigned from 1682 to 1696, is a wondrous example of fine art. It was made with great passion and precision in the St. Petersburg factory in 1867. This flawless representation carries the signature 'F.CHOPIN' and is marked with a round stamp declaring 'DEPARTURE OF M.F. 1867 FOR 10 YEARS.' The inscription 'Ioann,' Tsar John V's name in his native Russian language, adorns the base of the statue, adding to its authenticity.

The creation of this piece was sparked by Chopin's discovery in 1840 of marble busts by Italian sculptor A. Penna. Although the Italian artist’s works did not perfectly resemble their historical counterparts due to his never visiting Russia, they inspired Chopin to create a series of busts representing Russian rulers. In an exhibition nine years later, Chopin presented 63 full-sized royal busts, which drew crowds and critical acclaim alike. A decade and a half later, Chopin shrunk down his masterpieces to cabinet sculptures, making them more accessible and marketable, while maintaining their intricate detailing and craftsmanship. This strategy proved to be a decisive move, increasing demand even further.

Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind replica, a testament to Chopin's unparalleled talent and love for historical accuracy. Experience the unparalleled craftsmanship of Felix Chopin with this unforgettable bust of Tsar John V, a true collector's item.