Bronze Code: 427
Height: 8.3 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 4.7 LBs


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The exquisite Bronze Bust of Fyodor Dostoevsky is an exceptional expression of art that boasts of supreme craftsmanship. Cast from the highest grade bronze material, the essence of the famed Russian writer and thinker Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky is captured brilliantly in this large, imposing figurine that weighs over 2kg. The superior workmanship renders a masterful replication of Dostoevsky's features, encapsulated meticulously in the striking resemblance of the bust to the Russian literary giant.

Every miniscule detail of Dostoevsky's countenance is rendered perceptible, vividly illustrating the keen insight and profound dedication from the sculptor. Exhibition of such meticulous attention to the smallest characteristic accuracies underscores the extraordinary realism and heritage of this magnificent bronze piece. The bust is enhanced by the distinguished signature of Dostoevsky etched on the side, adding an incomparable touch of authenticity to this rare model.

The work of the eminent sculptor is also acknowledged at the rear of the bust, a quiet testimony to their skill and inspired execution. With Fyodor Dostoevsky's distinctly etched signature augmenting its veracity, this ample and significant bronze bust is a valued collectible, a perfect blend of aesthetic grandeur and cultural reverence, illuminating the towering literary persona of Dostoevsky.

Dostoevsky’s influence on global literature was warranted during his lifetime, but it was posthumously that he gained universal renown, often referenced by other prolific writers like Friedrich Nietzsche who credited Dostoevsky with having a profound understanding of human psychology. Owning this bronze bust contributes to the commemoration and appreciation of Dostoevsky’s enduring legacy.