Bronze Code: 407
Height: 11.6 In
Width: 9.1 In
Weight: 10.3 LBs


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Experience a piece of iconic French history with this vibrant, large-scale color sculpture, interpreting Jacques-Louis David's 'Napoleon at the St. Bernard Pass'. Measuring 29.5cm and weighing an impressive 4.6 kg, this statue introduces a resilient historical narrative within your home decor while adding a touch of unique vitality.

The original painting, completed by the renowned Jacques-Louis David in the late 1700s, captures a pivotal moment in history: Napoleon Bonaparte's gallant Italia campaign crossing of the Alps. This masterpiece is often considered a visual representation of an unprecedented victorious era, exalting Napoleon with a theatrical flair.

Our rendition extends beyond a simple reproduction. It reimagines David's painting in three-dimensional form, achieving a bright decorative effect that will command attention in any room. Despite keeping fidelity to David's original color scheme for historical accuracy, it carves out its unique spot in the realm of home decoratives, showcasing an artistic blend of history, aesthetics, and style.

Perfect as a centerpiece for your living room or a distinguished addition to your study, this sculpture not only transforms your space but also invites you into a world of courage, resilience, and grandeur. Drape your home in lively color while exploring the vivid depths of French revolutionary history, all embodied in this outstanding sculpture.