Bronze Code: 388
Height: 10.2 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 3.5 LBs


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This magnificent piece hails from the factory of F. Chopin, the famed 'bronze magician', located in St. Petersburg, Russia. The factory, renowned for its timeless craftsmanship and exceptional quality, played host to the creation of numerous exquisite monuments, busts, and sculptures. Among their incomparable collections, this replica of Chopin's bust stands out, embedded with a unique inscription 'Elizabeth', adding a personal touch to an otherwise imperial artifact.

Felix Chopin (1813-1892), a prominent French and Russian caster and supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty, garnered enormous praise for his striking life-like portrayals. His unique rendering of Russian rulers through his bronze effigies was particularly admired, earning him respect and critical acclaim in diverse artistic circles.

Chopin's journey with bust crafting began in 1840 upon his discovery of marble busts executed by the Italian sculptor A. Penna. Despite the inevitable dissimilarities arising from Penna's lack of first-hand experience in Russia, Chopin was intrigued to embark upon a distinct series of busts depicting Russian Tsars and princes. At an exhibition nine years later, an impressive array of 63 busts of Russian rulers, crafted to full size by Chopin himself, was unveiled to the world.

Chopin revolutionized the field by introducing smaller versions of these royal busts at an international exhibition in Paris, fifteen years on. This flexible transition from the grandeur of large busts to the intimacy of smaller copies successfully catered to the demands of cabinet sculpture, consequently widening the scope of his artistic influence.

Incorporating the same level of precision and standard, the featured bust carries the distinct signature 'F.CHOPIN' and a round stamp 'M.F. 1867 DEPARTURE FOR 10 YEARS' at its back. Revel in the touch of royalty with this unparalleled work of art, a testament to Felix Chopin's enduring legacy.