Bronze Code: 324
Height: 5.9 In
Width: 2.8 In
Weight: 1.7 LBs


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The LHF-Literary Art Fund of the USSR boasts a collection of art and memorabilia that not only narrate a lively pictorial history of the Soviet era but also display the breadth and depth of the country's artistic talent. Among these renowned pieces lies a unique form of art: a bronze bust capturing the imagery of one of Soviet's most prominent symbols - a Soviet woman in a kerchief, gesturing silence with a finger pressed onto her lips.

This figure, replicated massively on posters, etched its mark across factories, hospitals, and pioneer camps across the USSR. The image transmitted a powerful message of discipline and silence to the masses. Yet, not many are aware of the creation of this iconic feature in the form of a bronze bust, immortalizing its existence beyond the ephemeral life of paper posters.

The revered artist behind this striking sculpture remains unmentioned, yet the author's masterful molding of the woman's firm attitude and her silent command into bronze speaks volumes. The careful detailing and the striking lifelike features of the woman's expression - a downloadable mix of firm resolve and silent authority - are true wonders of craftsmanship, upholding the artistic legacy of the USSR.

Intrigued art enthusiasts, historians, and collectors alike would undoubtedly appreciate the significance of owning a piece of Soviet history and the timeless discipline it embodies. From reminiscing about the past to dissecting historical epochs, this bronze bust of the Soviet woman from the LHF-Literary Art Fund of the USSR offers both aesthetic pleasure and historical value.