Bronze Code: 257
Height: 6.9 In
Width: 3 In
Weight: 10.2 LBs


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Delve into the artistic realm of the mid-20th century with the exquisitely crafted "Coalition" by Laurien Pilet. A grand testament to Pilet's skill and attention to detail, the "Coalition" captures the very essence of its subjects, drawing viewers into epoch-making moments of history. Crafted from high-quality bronze, this artwork boasts a remarkable patina, delivering an antiquated charm that relates to its subjects' respective eras.

A legendary French sculptor, Laurien Pilet (1905-1975) was renowned for his unique artistic perspective, carrying forward the legacy of his famously talented grandfather, Pilet Leon. Pilet conceived the "Coalition" back in 1944, preserving the memory of a significant historical event in bronze and patina. This startlingly detailed work exemplifies Pilet's dedication to replicating the finest details, from the contour of the leaders' faces to the subtle nuances of their expressions while they were photographed by long-gone journalists.

The "Coalition" was completed in 1947 and is now known globally as Laurien Pilet's most famous work. His painstaking patience and acute attention to the minutest details result in a realistic portrayal that's as timeless as the event it captures. The busts truly embody their respective subjects, offering a tangible touchpoint to those past times that shaped our present. This masterpiece is a tribute to Pilet's artistic genius and a fascinating glimpse into history.

Immerse yourself in the visual tell-tale of history with the "Coalition" by Laurien Pilet, marking an essential addition to any sculpture collection. Its inherent value – both artistically and historically – is bound to captivate art collectors, historians, and aficionados alike.