Bronze Code: 420
Height: 7.1 In
Width: 4.5 In
Weight: 3.5 LBs


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Experience a slice of history with a bronze bust of Bismarck, meticulously crafted by the esteemed foundry company, Guss H. Gladenbeck, and son. Modeled in a cuirassier helmet and military uniform, this exquisitely detailed Bismarck bust portrays the 'Iron Chancellor', Otto Eduard Leopold von Schoenhausen, in all his regal glory. This figurine distinctively captures Bismarck's strength and sovereignty, resonating the unification of the German Empire under his chancellorship. A truly remarkable representation of one of the defining figures in world history.

Renowned for its commendable quality, this Bismarck bust outshines the other two models available in our store - Bismarck (quality) and Bismarck (antique). Larger and heavier than its counterpart, it boasts superior craftsmanship enhancing the intricacies of its design. The enhanced quality resonates in the vivid details that bring this stunning piece to life.

Etched with the inscription 'W. Uhlmann fec.', this work of art honors the contribution of the esteemed figurine author, W. Uhlmann, known for his exceptional skills and precision. The special attention given to minor details enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the figurine, setting it apart as an eye-catching centerpiece on any display.

With its impressive artistry, the bronze bust of Bismarck serves as the perfect collector's item for history lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Add to your collection, or gift this impressive memento, that embodies and cherishes the legacy of 'Iron Chancellor' Bismarck, who held the German Empire together and shared a special affinity towards Russians.