Bronze Code: 141
Height: 12.2 In
Width: 2.8 In
Weight: 4.7 LBs


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Delve into the world of refined art with the presentation of an exquisite yet small work by a remarkable European sculptor. This beguiling sculpture, captivating audiences with its perfect representation of a girl's body and poised elegance, is indeed an epitome of expert craftsmanship. Its incredibly elegant and sexy pose speaks volumes about the sculptor's detailed approach and keen eye for realistic depiction.

Playfully teasing the eyes with its mysterious allure, the girl's face is breathtakingly beautiful. This face has been crafted with intricate care, promising a gleaming charm that is sure to captivate any observer. The sculptor has left no stones unturned in depicting the visage's attractiveness, thus contributing to the ornamental beauty unparalleled by any other.

Your attention will be grabbed by the phenomenal detailing in the girl's dress, as it masterfully attempts to depict the realism of every fold. Paired with the detailed portrayal of hair, it is further adorned with a strikingly beautiful green patina. This enhances the allure of the sculpture, elevating the element of grace and sophistication.

Imbued with glamour and a sense of refinement, this statuette is not just a mere decorative piece. It is rather a glamorous story, etched in a tangible form, and reflective of the sculptor's passionate devotion to his craft. Learn to appreciate the beauty lying in the details, finely captured and immortalized in this magnificent creation. Discover the true meaning of grace, glamour, and sophistication through this artwork and let your surroundings be graced with its presence.