Bronze Code: 148
Height: 11.6 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 7.2 LBs


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Experience the allure and beauty of our uniquely color-detailed series of European sculptor works, featuring exquisite depictions of elegant women adorned in chic dresses. Our collection stands unchallenged in its extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail, vividly bringing to life the slender, perfect figures of these statuesque women. Their fine, fragile hands are impeccably sculpted, ending in long, beautiful fingers - a testament of expert artistry and perfection.

What sets our collection apart is the vibrancy of color used in the dresses and intricately incorporated details. The statues are not singularly monochromatic but overflow with a rich variety of color - in this case, passionate red intertwining with warm yellow. These vibrant colors, paired with the intricacy of the sculptural work, breathe life into the statuettes, making them a visual delight for your interior decor.

Designed to strike an effortless balance with your home's aesthetics, these statuettes are a perfect blend of art and taste. Whether placed amidst a classic setting or a contemporary interior backdrop, our colored statuettes seamlessly fit into any setting, adding a burst of energy and vivacity to your living space.

Make the right choice in gifting as well. An elegant, bright statuette from our European sculptor collection is not just a gift, but a treasured piece of art that will surely amplify the grace and elegance of your loved ones' homes. So, don't just gift, but share the beauty with our expertly curved, color-infused statues that fill every room with charm and grandeur.